Advantages of Alibaba Cloud PrivateLink

Advantages of Alibaba Cloud PrivateLink

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Global Reach

PrivateLink can connect to services running in other regions privately. The consumer's virtual network can easily connect to services behind PrivateLink in any region.

Protection against Data Leakage

A private endpoint is mapped to a virtual machine of a PaaS resource instead of the entire service. Consumers can only connect to this specific resource. Access to any other resource in the service is blocked. This mechanism protects against data leakage risks.

Low Risks

PrivateLink connections help users access endpoint services. These requests are forwarded within Alibaba Cloud to avoid risks over the Internet.

High Security

When you use PrivateLink to access cloud services in a VPC, you can add rules to the security group of the elastic network interface (ENI) that is used to access the services. This ensures higher security and reliability.

Low Latency and High Quality

When you use PrivateLink to access cloud services, requests are forwarded within the same zone. This reduces the network latency significantly.

Simplified Management

PrivateLink allows you to access cloud services deployed in another VPC within the same account or services that belong to another account. This avoids complicated route settings and security configurations.