🎉Agmo Picks Alibaba Cloud as their Key Ally for their EV SuperApp⚡🚗💡

🎉Agmo Picks Alibaba Cloud as their Key Ally for their EV SuperApp⚡🚗💡

Agmo, the Malaysian Tech Wizard, Becomes Alibaba Cloud's Premiere International Superapp Client🎖🌏🎊

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Today, Alibaba Cloud☁️, the digital heart and mind of Alibaba Group, joyously declared its partnership 🤝 with Agmo Holdings Berhad, a home-grown tech innovator in Malaysia 🇲🇾. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was inked✍️, marking the mutual launch🚀 of the Agmo Electric Vehicle (EV) SuperApp 🚗💡, an innovation first of its kind in Malaysia. The event witnessed a significant "twin-first"🎯 as Alibaba Cloud showcased its latest creation, the Enterprise Mobile Application Studio (EMAS) Superapp solution, outside of China 🇨🇳 for the first time.

The EMAS Superapp Solution, a product of Alibaba Cloud's proficiency in e-commerce🛒 and scalable cloud☁️infrastructure, serves as a comprehensive platform for creating super apps and corresponding ecosystems. This solution equips enterprises with an array of capabilities to develop a super app, from app infrastructure components and business features to containers for running mini-apps and platforms for effortless and safe mini-app development and operation.

Empowered by Alibaba Cloud's tried-and-true solution and sophisticated cloud tech☁️💻, the fresh-out-of-the-oven Agmo EV SuperApp🚗💡 is crafted as a platform to offer a holistic EV solutions hub. It essentially facilitates the assimilation of several auto industry🚗 mini apps and ecosystems. The Agmo EV Superapp aims to alleviate the worries of domestic EV users and spur EV adoption by offering an intuitive, frictionless user experience.

YB Chang Lih Kang, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) 👩‍💼 presided over the MOU exchange ceremony, marking the official unveiling🚀 of Agmo EV SuperApp🚗💡. This event also signifies Agmo's status as the first international customer of Alibaba Cloud EMAS Superapp, intending to ease the pain points of local EV users.

"The Malaysian automotive sector is witnessing a surge in Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption, driven by a mix of government-led initiatives and attractive offerings from international manufacturers. We celebrate the joint efforts of Alibaba Cloud ☁️ and our homegrown institution, Agmo. They are playing a key role in building innovative solutions in an industry crucial for end-users, especially the people of Malaysia 🇲🇾. Through their contributions, we are moving towards transforming our nation into a high-tech hub powered by science and technology,"🌐👩‍💻 stated YB Chang Lih Kang, highlighting the partnership.

Kun Huang, General Manager of Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, opined:

“Technology has emerged as a critical tool for organizations to remain competitive and innovative. In this collaboration, it is an honor to see Agmo as the first international customer of our EMAS Superapp solution, driving the EV evolution with our leading-edge technology. The EV SuperApp 🚗💡, built on our advanced cloud technology ☁️💻 and digital solution, can easily connect with our mature super app ecosystems, unlocking endless business opportunities and delivering a smooth experience for local users.”

Recognizing the present and forthcoming challenges for EV users and the swift EV adoption pace in the local arena, Agmo has pioneered a concept to help Malaysian EV drivers tackle critical issues like charging point types, rates, and access, all on a single platform. Thanks to Alibaba Cloud’s advanced solution, this concept is now a reality. As the number of mini-apps on the super app platform grows, a proportional increase in cloud resource usage is also expected.

“The launch of the Agmo EV SuperApp 🚗💡, addressing the commercial viability of EV-related solutions, signifies a critical milestone in Agmo’s ongoing strategy to expedite our nation’s transition towards electric mobility. This comes especially amidst the ever-present issue of ‘range anxiety’ amongst EV drivers. Thus, the technical integration of the EMAS Superapp by Alibaba Cloud ☁️ is key to realizing our goal of creating a solution that radiates positivity to the growing EV community. Alibaba Cloud developed an effective, user-friendly solution that enabled us to bring our concept to market,” said Agmo Holdings Berhad CEO, Tan Aik Keong.

This new collaboration🤝 further reinforces Alibaba Cloud☁️ and Agmo's commitment to aiding Malaysia in becoming a high-value-added economy by creating a conducive environment for its digitalization journey via cutting-edge tech and streamlined solutions. Agmo is fully supportive of the Malaysian Government’s aim, outlined in the Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint, to establish 10,000 public charging stations for EVs in Malaysia by 2025 ⚡️🔋🚗.

Alibaba Cloud☁️, one of the leading global cloud service providers, boasts a network of 88 availability zones spread across 29 regions worldwide🌍. They offer a highly secure, scalable, and robust cloud infrastructure to support global customers adopting digital innovation. It is also the first global cloud provider with local data centers in Malaysia since 2017 and launched its first cloud-based Anti-DDos Scrubbing Centre in Malaysia in 2018 to serve the region.

To explore more about Alibaba Cloud’s EMAS Superapp solution, visit here🔗.

About Agmo Holdings Berhad

Agmo Holdings Berhad (Agmo) was founded in 2017. The Company and its subsidiaries are chiefly involved in digitizing their clients' business operations by crafting bespoke digital solutions since 2012, along with offering digital platform-based services. Agmo's solutions have been employed by clients across industries including healthcare, logistics, oil and gas, automotive, financial services, and the government sector. Having developed more than 100 custom digital solutions in line with the latest market trends and demands, the Company also provides digital platform-based services to clients like blockchain-based e-polling, virtual interactions between customers and healthcare professionals, and e-commerce transactions.

To know more about Agmo Holdings Berhad, visit: here 🔗.

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