Alibaba Cloud CDN Features and Benefits

Alibaba Cloud CDN Features and Benefits

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Alibaba Cloud CDN can separate the acceleration of static and dynamic content. Some of the benefits of Alibaba Cloud CDN are listed below:

  • A Large Number of Nodes: Alibaba Cloud CDN directs requests to the closest nodes owned by the client's Internet Service Provider (ISP). This approach makes delivering content across ISP borders faster and more efficient.

  • Resource Scalability and Availability: Alibaba Cloud CDN has over 2,500 global edge nodes, ensuring service availability and scalability.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Alibaba Cloud CDN monitors the health status of the edge nodes in real-time, and the scheduling system directs requests to the most appropriate nodes based on the client's location and ISP. This improves acceleration.

  • Connection Optimization: Alibaba Cloud CDN always seeks to improve data delivery performance using various optimization technologies, such as protocol and connection optimization.

  • Caching Efficiency: Alibaba Cloud CDN increases cache hits by allowing requests to reach cache on the nearest edge nodes, streamlining the content delivery process.

  • Reduced IT Costs: Edge nodes offer to compute power, bandwidth, and connections. This reduces IT expenses.

  • Alibaba Cloud CDN Is Capable of High Bandwidth: Alibaba Cloud CDN's total bandwidth can reach up to 150 Tbit/s.

  • Easy-to-Use API: Alibaba Cloud CDN can perform a variety of operations through its API.