Alibaba Cloud Elastic Desktop Services (EDS)

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Desktop Services (EDS)

Alibaba Cloud Workspace Solution

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Alibaba Cloud Elastic Desktop Services (EDS) is a product that allows quick and convenient creation and deployment as well as centralized management and O&M for desktop environments. The company can create a secure, high-performance, and cost-efficient cloud desktop quickly without making large hardware investments upfront. EDS is widely applied in fields, such as finance, design, video, and education, which have high requirements for secure data management and control and high-performance computing.

Some EDS benefits:

Secure and Reliable - Data is stored on the cloud, which reduces the risks of data leaks. Data access protocols are encrypted securely, and storage reliability is 99.9999999% (nine 9's).

On-Demand Deployment - You can deploy cloud desktops on-demand and access your cloud desktops anytime, anywhere, and from any EDS client.

Access Security - EDS uses Active Directory (AD) for secure account management. This allows access to the authentication systems of enterprises.

Support for GPUs - EDS supports high-performance display protocols, such as image design and modeling protocols, to meet video editing requirements.

Combine with Alibaba Cloud VPN and Identity as a Service (IDaaS), a cloud-based identity and access management service (IAM) covering comprehensive functions that enable user portal, user directory, flexible authentication, single sign-on, centralized authorization, and audit reporting to provide a secure remote workspace and extreme performance to employees to enjoy their work at any time at anywhere.

Best Practice for Secure Remote Workspace

The section below describes how to build up a secure remote workspace based on Alibaba Cloud best practices step by step:

  • Configure Alibaba Cloud Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) Secure Office Network
  • Enable EDS Active Directory (AD) integration and create Cloud Desktop
  • Apply Secure Policies and Security Protection on the workspace
  • Build a VPN with 2FA to use Alibaba Cloud Identity as a Service (iDaaS)

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