Alibaba Cloud Media Solutions Optimization

Alibaba Cloud Media Solutions Optimization

Various Best Practices for Media Solutions on Alibaba Cloud

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Media industry is undergoing a tremendous transformation where currently the old and the new coexist and are forming the path to the future. There has been a major remodelling of the media vertical in the last decade owing to rapid change in technology and influx of new parameters like interactivity, multiple devices, multiple platforms, digitization and globalization of services, all contributing to the change in the way the media industry works.

The next wave of change in the industry is spearheaded by the popular acronym : SMAC stack, which stands for Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing. With increasing screen time on smartphones combined with higher speed of networks, we have seen new media platforms overtaking the traditional world of entertainment and information. This has increased the importance of pushing data to customers at much faster rate with ever so low latency. This requirement has spurred innovation in the field of video compression and protocols which are used for streaming.

This paper aims to look into various technologies that help the new wave in the media industry and provide seamless experience to consumers by making right choices on cloud to strengthen the media solutions. These technologies include encoding and encapsulation formats for audio/video content. It also talks about the concept of compression and how it improves the content delivery in a seamless manner. We also look at streaming protocols which are used for live streaming, along with various best practices for media solutions on Alibaba Cloud.

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