Alibaba Cloud - X Dragon Architecture

Alibaba Cloud - X Dragon Architecture

Advance the computing era for artificial intelligence (AI)

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The X-Dragon Architecture seamlessly integrates computing platforms including the elastic compute service (ECS) bare metal server and virtual machines within a single architecture. During tests of e-commerce scenarios with high levels of demand for AI usage, the new X-Dragon architecture increased queries-per-second (QPS) by 30% and decreased latency by 60%. The cloud-native nature of the solution means zero power wastage from running physical servers, therefore reducing the unit computing cost by 50%.

Alibaba Cloud's 6th Generation of ECS instance, which is based on the X-Dragon architecture. This generation of ECS instances delivers a 20% improvement in computing power, a 30% reduction in memory latency and a 70% reduction in storage IO latency.

Alibaba Cloud already runs one of the largest AI stacks in the world for its Apsara AI Platform. This supports more than 40 business units from within the Alibaba ecosystem.

Alibaba AI Platform runs over one trillion tasks every single day, processing one billion images, 1.2 million hours of videos, 550 thousand hours of voice messages and 500 billion natural language sentences. It has served one billion people around the world.

Data privacy and protection are a top priority for Alibaba Cloud. It is committed to complying with local regulations and industry standards, and currently has more than 70 security and compliance accreditations worldwide. These included the new Alibaba Cloud Security Whitepaper 4.0 which has redefined security frameworks for 360-degree protection in a cloud-native world, enabling end-to-end encryption on the public cloud. Additional enhanced options including Bring Your Key (BYOK) provide customers with full control over encryption.

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