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Chrome OS Flex

Chrome OS Flex

Turn older PCs and Macs into Chromebooks

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·Feb 21, 2022
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Chrome OS Flex: a cloud-first, fast, easy-to-manage, and secure operating system for PCs and Macs

Chrome OS Flex is a new, free-to-download operating system from Google. Built for businesses and schools, it’s fully compatible with Google’s powerful cloud-based management. Chrome OS Flex modernizes devices you already own, allowing you to experience the benefits of Chrome OS on PCs and Macs:

- A fast, modern work experience:

Chrome OS Flex provides fast access to web apps and virtualization, all within an intuitive, clutter-free experience for users. Chrome OS Flex boots up in seconds and doesn’t slow down over time. And with system updates that happen in the background, there’s less downtime for users.

- Proactive security against the latest threats:

With Chrome OS Flex, there’s no need for antivirus software. With regular security updates, Chrome OS Flex has built in protection against threats including viruses, ransomware, and phishing. Sandboxing technology keeps threats contained to a specific tab or application, the read-only OS blocks executables where threats often hide, and Google Safe Browsing proactively warns users before navigating to malicious sites. IT can even prevent data loss on lost or stolen devices with remote wipe.

- Easy deployment and management:

Within minutes, IT can install Chrome OS Flex on devices through USB or network deployment. After login, a user’s cloud profile gets downloaded and automatically syncs their settings, bookmarks, and policies. And with the cloud-based Google Admin console, IT has a powerful and simple management experience. Even with 500+ policies and controls, it’s still easy to get started with pre-set policies recommended by Google.

- A sustainable solution making the most of existing hardware:

Use Chrome OS Flex to maximize the life of your existing device fleet. Rather than disposing of aging PCs and Macs, refresh them with a modern and fast operating system to reduce e-waste.


The Chrome OS Flex install process can occur over USB or over the network. This includes booting directly from a USB drive to trial it without having to first install it. It works with x86 (Intel or AMD, but not ARM) Mac and Windows PCs that are up to a decade old or so.

Minimum device requirements follow:

  • Architecture: Intel or AMD x86-64-bit compatible device

  • RAM: 4 GB

  • Internal storage: 16 GB

  • Bootable from USB drive

  • BIOS: Full administrator access. You’ll need to boot from the Chrome OS Flex USB installer and make some adjustments in the BIOS if you run into issues.

  • Processor and graphics: Components made before 2010 might result in a poor experience.

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