Construct Your Metaverse with Alibaba Cloud

Construct Your Metaverse with Alibaba Cloud

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The metaverse is the next generation of the Internet, built based on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. It connects the digital world with reality, creating an integrated experience for users across a wide range of industries, including O2O e-commerce, online education, remote healthcare, and smart manufacturing.

In this conference, we invite industry experts to explain how the metaverse can be used to expand and enhance your business and meet the needs of different customers. Don't miss this chance to get the latest updates on Alibaba Cloud and learn about the advanced solutions in the industry.


  • 14:00~14:15

Alibaba Cloud Metaverse Solutions

In this session, we will introduce how Alibaba Cloud is helping clients from the gaming industry to accelerate their digital transformation and scale up their businesses, as well as how to improve business operations with the industry's leading cloud solutions.

Junxin Wei

0.jpg Senior Solution Architect,Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Junxin Wei is a Senior Solution Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence and a former Senior Security Expert in Alibaba Cloud's security department. He has more than 10 years of working experience in the field of enterprise information security and has abundant experience in infrastructure and data security.

  • 14:15~14:30

Metaverse: The Next Internet

The Metaverse is the entire Internet on AR and VR glasses. AR and VR glasses are the next-generation mobile technology platforms that will soon be popularized, and the Metaverse is the presentation of the Internet industry on the new platform.

Ping Tan


Chief Scientist of Computer Vision,DAMO Academy

Ping Tan is a tenured associate professor at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Canada. In September 2019, he became the Chief Scientist of Computer Vision at the Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. His research area is photorealistic 3D reconstruction (SfM) technology. As a benchmark figure in the field of 3D vision, he has been invited to serve as the chairman of the top international academic conferences CVPR and SIGGRAPH, and the deputy editor of IROS.

  • 14:30~14:45

Beyond Construct Metaverse

We will introduce Pegasus World Kit as a tool to construct the metaverse. Based on Tabata's rich experience in the gaming industry, he will discuss what elements are necessary for constructing the metaverse.

Hajime Tabata



During his time at Square Enix, Hajime Tabata was the director of "Final Fantasy XV" and led it to global success, surpassing the sales level of the series. He started JP Games in February 2019. He has also been involved in the metaverse business from early on, and in June 2021, launched the world's first official Paralympic game, The Pegasus Dream Tour.

  • 14:45~15:00

Intelligent Avatar Technology and Practice

In this session, we will dive on Alibaba Group's digital human technology, as well as how digital human has been applied in the industry of retail, social media and telecommunication to improve customer experience and brand value.

Fei Zong


Product Solution Architect,DAMO Academy

Fei Zong is an AI product solution architect at Alibaba's DAMO Academy. She has more than 8 years of working experience in the field of enterprise AI transformation. She has participated in many projects across the industries of retail and automobile.

  • 15:00~15:15

The New Trend of Web3.0 & NFT

The current internet or networking model is only about information sharing, and Web 3.0 will drive a new internet, which will be dominated by communities in the future, and NFTs will be the key. Now NFTs are booming and become a big part of pop culture

Gary Yang


CEO,Sky Saga Capital

Graduated from Tsinghua University. Mr. Yang is an investor and founding partner of Sky Saga Capital, known for professional value and depth management of investment style. He is the founder of Variable China, executive director of many academies, and he is appointed as the entrepreneurial mentor and economics mentor for more than 100 universities and business schools.

  • 15:15~15:30

Powerful VR Hardware Is the Gateway to the Metaverse

We will introduce the form, purpose, and theoretical basis of the Metaverse, the hardware standard of the Metaverse, the technical threshold under this standard, the Pimax's position in the industry, and the Pimax's 2022 development strategy .

Nordic Ren


CEO,Pimax Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Nordic Ren is one of the earliest VR enthusiasts in EMBA of China Europe International Business School. He is the CEO of Shanghai Game Genius Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yinyuegu Information Technology Co., Ltd. He is also the director of BYD (Shanghai) software department and R&D manager of Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited.Nordic has 18 years of R&D experience in consumer electronics, and is a serial entrepreneur in the internet.

  • 15:30~15:45

Symbiotic Relationship between the Metaverse, Community, and Content Creation

We believe that community communication and anything created from the player's unrestrained imagination will be the decisive factors by social interaction in the Metaverse. As a community leader and platform operator, we need to do more than lead the community to keep growing up, also give players a huge space to create what they want. Finally, they will spawn plenty of industries over the community, such as virtual exhibitions, virtual offices, virtual idols, and so on.

Jason Wei


CEO,Rimeow Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Jason is a student at George Washington University SEAS and a VR enthusiast with many years of experience in the industry. He has operated the Chinese Bar, one of the largest Chinese language communities on VRChat, and has held the first Chinese Community Exhibition (CCE) on VRChat. Currently, Jason's team is creating a VR social platform in China to integrate CCE, Chinese Bar, Vtuber and virtual work into the social platform of the future.

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