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DNS Toolkit Allow To Run Multiple DNS Queries

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·Jan 27, 2022
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DNS Query is crucial in Penetration Testing. DNS Query, also known as DNS Request, demands data sent from a user’s system or DNS Client to DNS Server. In most cases, DNS Request is passed to ask for the IP address associated with a domain name. But we can customize DNS Requests as per our needs. To resolve DNS Queries, we have a tool named dnsx. dnsx tool is a Go language-based tool. dnsx is a fast and multi-purpose DNS toolkit that allows running multiple probes using a retryabledns library that will enable you to perform various DNS queries of your choice with a list of user-supplied resolvers that supports DNS wildcard filtering like shuffled.

Features of DNSx Tool

  • It is handy and a straightforward utility to query DNS records.
  • It has support to A,AAAA,CNAME,PTR,NS,MX,TXT,SOA.
  • It also supports DNS Status code probing
  • It has support for DNS Tracing.
  • It handles wildcard subdomains in an automated way.
  • It is open-source and free to use.
  • It has support to Stdin and Stdout, which can work with other tools.
aQuery A recorddnsx -a
aaaaQuery AAAA recorddnsx -aaaa
cnameQuery CNAME recorddnsx -cname
nsQuery NS recorddnsx -ns
ptrQuery PTR recorddnsx -ptr
txtQuery TXT recorddnsx -txt
mxQuery MX recorddnsx -mx
soaQuery SOA recorddnsx -soa
rawOperates like digdnsx -raw
lFile input list of subdomains/hostdnsx -l list.txt
jsonJSON outputdnsx -json
rFile or comma separated resolversdnsx -r
rlLimit of DNS request/seconddnsx -rl 100
respDisplay response datadnsx -cname -resp
resp-onlyDisplay only response datadnsx -cname resp-only
retryNumber of DNS retriesdnsx -retry 1
silentShow only results in the outputdnsx -silent
oFile to write output to (optional)dnsx -o output.txt
tConcurrent threads to makednsx -t 250
verboseVerbose outputdnsx -verbose
versionShow version of dnsxdnsx -version
wdWildcard domain name for filteringdnsx -wd
wtWildcard Filter Thresholddnsx -wt 5

So DNSx Tool is an excellent tool for querying DNS. You can use various tools along with this. In the above examples, we have used the SubFinder tool for getting the massive list of subdomains for our target. This list is provided to the DNSx tool for making DNS queries.

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