End-To-End Enterprise Security on the Cloud

End-To-End Enterprise Security on the Cloud

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Alibaba Cloud is committed to safeguarding the cloud security for every business. You can quickly establish robust, end-to-end protection to address application security, data security, and platform security for new or migrated applications alike, and easily audit and govern the ongoing security posture, all by leveraging a comprehensive suite of enterprise security services and products on the platform.

Enterprise Security on Alibaba Cloud


The security services on Alibaba Cloud reduce the heavy lifting required to tackle key enterprise security challenges in the cloud, and each of these challenges can be solved with the use of one or multiple Alibaba Cloud security services and products.

Application Security


Application Security is the first line of defense to protect a customer’s application. This important line provides DDoS mitigation, web endpoint protection, centralized security operations, and application data protection, including data discovery, data masking and DLP, to prevent attacks and intrusions against internet-facing cloud applications and ensure the safety of sensitive application data. Alibaba Cloud security capability specifically provides the following related security products.

Data Security


Alibaba Cloud is committed to protecting the data security and privacy for every customer for their enterprise security. Alibaba Cloud helps customers manage and control data security throughout the data lifecycle with comprehensive services and capabilities to manage data encryption, data recovery, and key management.

Platform Security


Platform security is a vital layer of enterprise security as the platform both directly involves physical and hardware security as well as the virtualization environment.

Account Security


Alibaba Cloud account authentication and authorization support two-level account credentials, namely Alibaba Cloud account and individual Resource Access Management (RAM) user account, for easy separation of duties, multi-factor authentication (MFA), fine-grained authorization control, and temporary authorization tokens.

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