Four Solutions to Resist DDoS Attacks On Alibaba Cloud!

Four Solutions to Resist DDoS Attacks On Alibaba Cloud!

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Anti-DDoS Basic Free Plan

Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS does not need to be activated and configured for Alibaba Cloud users. As long as you have an Alibaba Cloud account, you can enjoy this basic protection scheme for free, with up to 5 Gbps of basic DDoS protection. Note: The free Anti-DDoS basic protection capabilities on the cloud may differ by region, ranging from 500M to 5G.

Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise

DDoS-native protection can load the defense capabilities directly into Alibaba Cloud ECS, SLB, WAF, and EIP without changing the IP. There are no restrictions on the number of four-layer ports and seven-layer functional variable names. It is easy to deploy. After purchase, you only need to bind the IP address of the cloud product that needs to be protected. It is suitable for users that need to protect multiple public IPs, service bandwidth greater than 1Gbps, QPS greater than 5000, and IPv6 access traffic.

The recommended package match for common situations is listed below:

  • If you only need to defend against DDoS attacks, we recommend using the deployment method of Load Balancing + Native Protection Enterprise Edition. Load Balancing discards the traffic of unmonitored protocols and ports to obtain better protection effects.

  • If you need to defend against DDoS attacks, web attacks, and CC attacks, we recommend using the deployment method of Web Application Firewall + Native Protection Enterprise Edition. WAF defends against CC attacks, and DDoS-Native Protection Enterprise Edition defends against traffic attacks to obtain better protection.

Anti-DDoS Premium – A Robust Defense Solution

In high-risk scenarios, such as game launches, promotional festivals, and online live broadcasts, users can expect attacks from malicious competition, such as DDoS attacks and blackmailing, leading to business unavailability. Anti-DDoS Premium can hide the source site address. Alibaba Cloud will provide unlimited cleaning resources regardless of the source site in the local computer room or other clouds, with no upper limit on protection, and leverage the global cleaning center resources to ensure full protection.

According to the frequency of attacks, it is divided into two plans:

  • Insurance Plan: Fully protected, 24 hours a day, twice a month

  • Unlimited Plan: Unlimited real-time, full protection


In addition to defending against TB-level DDoS attacks, GameShield can solve CC attacks of the TCP protocol unique to the gaming industry with lower protection costs and better results!

Compared with traditional single-point DDoS defense solutions, GameShield Smart Scheduling diverts normal player traffic and hacker attack traffic to different nodes to minimize large traffic attacks. End-to-end encryption allows small traffic that simulates user behavior, and the attack cannot reach the client.

At the same time, in a traditional defense mechanism, hackers can lock the attack target IP easily. The smart scheduling and identification of GameShield can make users invisible and make hackers visible. Every attack will damage the hacker once, and the attacking equipment and puppets will no longer be available repeatedly, subverting the past situation of unequal DDoS offensive and defensive resources.

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