Knative on Alibaba Cloud

Knative on Alibaba Cloud

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Knative on Alibaba Cloud is based on Knative for the community. It is fully integrated with the Alibaba Cloud resource system and provides richer capabilities and support for cloud products.

Integration with Alibaba Cloud Products

  • Rich Event Sources of Cloud Products for Message Delivery: Kafka, MNS, and RocketMQ

  • Service Access: SLB

  • Storage: NAS and cloud disk

  • Observability: Log Service and ARMS

  • IaaS Resources: ECS and ECI

Native Integration with Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes Ecosystem

  • Supports standard Kubernetes and proprietary Kubernetes of Alibaba Cloud

  • Supports Alibaba Cloud Serverless Kubernetes (ASK) and fully manages Knative control components in ASK, saving resources and O&M costs

Architecture Diagram



  • A user sends comments to Alibaba Cloud Kafka through the web service

  • The Kafka Source monitors comments from the event source and sends the comments to the comment processing service.

  • The processing service receives the comments, scales the instance to process comments automatically, and sends the processed comments to the bullet-screen comments service.

  • Finally, the bullet-screen comments are displayed to users through the web service interface.


Some capabilities brought by Knative on Alibaba Cloud are listed below:

  • Easy service deployment

  • Serverless-based, on-demand resource usage

  • Seamless integration of Eventing with Alibaba Cloud products for message delivery

  • Native integration with Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes ecosystem

  • Integration with Alibaba Cloud's products

Hopefully, these capabilities can bring real on-demand use experience to users and reduce the cost of O&M and resource use, which is also the goal pursued by Serverless.

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