PolarDB 101

PolarDB 101

Cloud-native database product by Alibaba Cloud

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PolarDB for PostgreSQL (PolarDB) is a cloud-native database product independently developed by Alibaba Cloud. It is 100% compatible with PostgreSQL. It uses a shared-storage-based storage-compute separation architecture and features extreme elasticity, millisecond latency, and HTAP.

1. Extreme Elasticity:

Storage and computing capabilities can be scaled out independently.

  • If the computing capacity is insufficient, you can expand the computing cluster separately without data replication.
  • If the storage capacity or IO is insufficient, you can expand the storage cluster without service interruption.

2. Delay in Milliseconds:

  • WAL is log storage on the shared storage, and only the metadata of WAL is copied between RW and all RO.
  • The original Log Index technology implements Lazy playback and Parallel playback, theoretically minimizing the latency between RW and RO nodes.

3. HTAP Capability:

It is a distributed parallel execution framework based on shared storage and accelerates OLAP queries in OLTP scenarios. A set of OLTP-based data can support two sets of computing engines.

  • Standalone Execution Engine: It handles highly concurrent TP-based loads.
  • Distributed Execution Engine: AP-type loads that handle large queries

PolarDB also supports multi-mode innovation features (such as spatio-temporal, GIS, image, vector, search, and graph) to meet the ever-changing needs of enterprises for data processing.