Serverless Application Engine (SAE)

Serverless Application Engine (SAE)

SAE Benefits

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Easy-to-Use Microservice Framework Transformation, Accelerating Iteration Efficiency

In enterprises' production environments, microservice applications are separated and converted into WAR, JAR, or Docker images that are stored in ACR. You only need to iterate each microservice application based on Spring Cloud or Dubbo development standards. SAE provides the capabilities to deploy and schedule underlying resources, implement canary releases, manage microservices, and monitor and diagnose services.

  • Smooth Application Migration with Zero Code Modifications

Dubbo and Spring Cloud applications can be migrated to the cloud easily with zero code modifications.

  • Fully-Managed Infrastructure (IaaS, Kubernetes, Microservice Components, and APM Components)

The infrastructure is fully-managed, so you do not need to build the ZooKeeper, Eureka, Consul, and Skywalking manually. This reduces the development and O&M costs significantly and ensures stability in commercial use.

  • A Full Set of Out-of-the-Box Beginner-Friendly Microservices

SAE implements automatic image creation and provides advanced features for enterprises, such as canary releases, traffic control, environment isolation, application monitoring and diagnosis, and permission management. SAE is easy to use even for users that do not have much containerization experience.

Scalable High Availability Solutions for Large-Scale Events

Unexpected traffic surges are common in new retail, e-commerce, online education, and entertainment industries. SAE provides a complete set of high availability solutions with precise capacity handling, high scalability, and service throttling and degradation capabilities.

  • SLA Guarantee in Peak Hours

SAE auto scaling can be used together with service throttling and degradation provided by Application High Availability Service (AHAS) to help handle traffic surges and guarantee service reliability.

  • Fast Diagnosis and Fault Location

SAE integrates seamlessly with Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) to provide web-based application monitoring and diagnosis. This enables fault identification for slow SQL queries, slow operations, and stacks for called operations. ARMS facilitates the analysis, troubleshooting, early warning, and resolution of online issues, saving a lot of time.

  • Optimal Efficiency and Minimal Costs

SAE provides various scaling policies, achieving scaling in seconds and ensuring minimal hardware operating costs. You do not need to pay for idle resources.

Multiple Deployment Modes for Optimal Continuous Delivery

Yunxiao, Jenkins, source code, Cloud Toolkit plug-in, or ACR can be used to deploy images and packages. SAE completes the DevOps process from code submission to application deployment automatically, which serves as an efficient substitute for the complicated and slowly-iterated traditional deployment methods.

  • DevOps Automation

DevOps automates the whole process of code modification, code building, image creation, and application deployment.

  • One-Click Deployment to the Cloud

Alibaba Cloud Toolkit plug-in is used to deploy on-premises applications to the cloud with one click, facilitating remote debugging.

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