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Aditya Katira

Aditya Katira

Thailand Pioneer Program

Thailand Pioneer Program

Accelerate your business transformation to the cloud by becoming a customer and taking advantage of these product promotions

Aditya Katira
·Mar 3, 2022·

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  • 50% off on after sales support for developers/ businesses/ enterprises (up to US$48,000)
  • Free Cloud university membership and ACA exam (worth US$2,600 total)
  • Up to 50% off product list price
  • Cloud migration bootcamp (worth US$5,000)
  • US$10,000 worth of coupons for the first 100 customers

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Alibaba Cloud fully supports and complies with the laws and regulations of the data privacy acts across the geographies it operates in, including in Thailand, where the country’s first personal data protection will come into effect on 1 June 2022.

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