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A Digital and Remote Online Solution for eKYC

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Aditya Katira
·Feb 16, 2022
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Make Trust Simple

Helps you significantly reduce turnaround time when verifying customer accounts with a world-leading, proprietary, anti-spoofing algorithm for authentication

Up to 99% : Stable recognition confidence

100% AI Technology : Verification without human intervention

Up to 90% : Reduces manual data checks

3 Minutes : Complete an application in no time

10 Seconds : Swift approval

ZoloZ Real ID Features

Security & Compliance

ZoloZ Real ID adheres to the international information security standards: ISO27001 and PCI-DSS. The liveness technology meets the ISO-30107-3 level 2 standard.

Reduce Identity Fraud

Comprehensive ID document security check, rich AI model, and risk engine can identify frauds automatically.

Approval Alerts

Provides customer service representatives with the necessary information to approve or reject applications as needed.

Multiple Service Accesses

ZoloZ Real ID provides SDK, API, and mobile H5 access solutions to solve business needs for fast integration.

How ZoloZ Real ID Works


Industries and Scenarios

ZOLOZ Real ID is suitable for scenarios that require "real person" verification

Finance Industry

AML and KYC compliance, verification when opening a new account, and real-time transaction risk control

Hospitality & Airlines Industry

Mobile check-in

Sharing Economy

Improve user security with real name verification

Social Networks

Identity authentication on real-name social networks such as online dating & online recruitment platforms

Get to Know Your Customers

Enhance your KYC experience with ZOLOZ Real ID

ZOLOZ Real ID Enquiry Form

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